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AG Brnovich Says Tucson's Vaccine Mandate Is Illegal.

Tucson put a COVID vaccine requirement in place for city employees. City employees must get dosed or face a suspension.

That violates state law says Attorney General Mark Brnovich and the mandate must be rescinded.

Brnovich writing, “Tucson’s vaccine mandate is illegal and the city could be held liable for attempting to force government employees to take it against their beliefs. COVID-19 vaccinations should be a choice, not a government mandate.”

If Tucson fails to comply it could lose state funding. Brnovich saying they have 30 days to get rid of their COVID shot mandate or he 'will notify the Arizona Treasurer, who will withhold the city’s portion of state shared revenue until it comes into compliance.'

The Attorney General explained his legal reasoning:

'the AGO (Attorney General's Office) determined Tucson’s Ordinance 11869, which mandates COVID-19 vaccines for city employees, violates state law and thus the city cannot require public employees to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine. The legislature’s intent was clear when it passed S.B. 1824 earlier this year – government entities from the local to state level cannot mandate COVID-19 vaccines. This law was further supplemented by the Governor’s Executive Order 2021-18 (E.O. 2021-18) in August 2021. In the AGO’s opinion, Tucson public employees could rely in good faith on E.O. 2021-18 and state law to refuse the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.'

Tucson, so far, hasn't commented on the AG's opinion.

This is the concept of freedom. You should be allowed to make your own health care decisions. The government, either via city, state, or federal government should have no say. Especially for a 'vaccine' that doesn't prevent the spread of the virus it is supposed to protect against.

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