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Biden: Vaccine Mandates Are Economic Stimulus.

President Joe Biden knows if the economy goes south, he's done. Not only will he be done politically losing all his legislative power as Democrats abandon him, but he will also go down as one of the worst presidents in United States history.

He's desperate to avoid having that be his legacy.

Thursday, the White House allowed President Biden to give a speech in Illinois. While there Biden pitched his vaccine mandate playing, quoting an economist who said vaccine mandates, 'are the most powerful economic stimulus in history.'

Biden needs the economy to function. Biden needs people to stop being scared so that the economy will function.

Biden's approval rating is 38%. He knows it. Biden has always lived by his popularity. It's guided his decision-making during his 50-year Washington career.

There's a certain irony to this.

Ironic because the economy is struggling because fear lingers across America.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrats and their partners in the TV news media wanted it this way. They choose to highlight fear over rationality in order to win an election. Yes, the Democrats and the media were in on it together.

Maybe it was coordinated, maybe it wasn't. The reality is most people who run newsrooms around this country agree with Democrats on policy. They also agreed on their severely disliked, even hated of President Trump. At this point, it's up for debate whether the media or politicians hated him more.

They used fear and it worked. They won their election. But, COVID didn't go away. Nor did the fear they pounded into America.

The first pandemic was the virus. The second pandemic was of fear.

Fear that still plagues America.

Millions of vaccinated people are still afraid to go back to work. Millions are afraid to travel. Millions are afraid of going to the store. Millions clearly don't trust the efficacy of the vaccine. If they did trust the COVID shots they would be living normally.

On the other side, millions are afraid or at least very questioning of the vaccine. Millions more afraid of the government making a health decision for you.

All of this is causing supply-chain problems which are leading to a shortage of goods which is leading to inflation.

That's what fear does. Fear leads to irrationality. That's why we ran out of toilet paper at the start of the pandemic. Fear. Buying toilet paper started, spread, and lead to long lines at supermarkets before they opened.

Then the government stepped in to do something, abandoning logic along the way. Pay people more than they were making in their jobs via extended unemployment. Stay home, be safe was the message. This move also put more money into the economy. More money to compete for a stressed economy. That's the start of inflation.

That's what is leading Biden to say his vaccine mandates will lead to the greatest economic stimulus in history. It's his only way out of his own mess.

Biden makes his decisions based on short-term thinking. In this case, short-term thinking revolved around one thing, winning the election. Winning was all they thought about. That's all they cared about.

They didn't consider the economic consequences if they won. Consequences they are now facing. Because of Biden and the Democrat's short-term thinking we are all suffering. The average family will spend $2,000 more on groceries, gas, and housing this year than last.

Inflation is leading President Biden into desperate decision-making. His first instinct is and will always be, like most politicians, to save himself. Even if that means taking away your God-given freedoms.

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