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The Climate Change Summit Is A Show.

President Joe Biden has made a big pitch on climate change. He wants to spend trillions of dollars to slow down the harmful effects of all the carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere.

And it's all a show.

Look at POTUS' motorcade.

That is not someone who can be taken seriously on climate change. How much carbon was emitted just to drive POTUS, his crew, and the media to the big climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland alone?

This is where the Establishment shows this is all for the show, pretending they are doing something to slow the planet's warming. This climate change summit is all about money, and they don't care about you.

Meanwhile, China's president sat this one out. Why? He knows it's all for show.

So do the private jet billionaires who showed up.

What's the reason for all of this? To be seen to be 'doing something.' Why? Younger voters around the world list climate change as their most important issue.

Politicians want to remain in office and will pretend to care about climate change so younger voters will vote for them. The billionaires are there so the younger voters buy their products and watch their movies.

See, it's always about the money.

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