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Progressives Are Mad You Are Pushing Back.

Progressives, Democrats, and the media are befuddled. They don't understand why a Democrat lost Virginia's Governor's race and almost lost New Jersey's. Doesn't everyone think like we do?

No. We don't.

That's exactly what they don't like. Resistance.

A resistance that gets in their way.

So they resort to excuses. Excuses of racism and Republican lies. Sure. That's it. Racism and lies are the only reasons political hack Terry McAuliffe lost in Virginia, a guy who said parents don't belong in the classroom.

There is no self-reflection in many Democrat circles and virtually zero self-reflection in media circles. That's why they turn to excuses and blame.

Here's what's going on.

Push back. Push back against those labels. Push back at being called racist. Push back at being told what we can and cannot laugh at. Push back against mandates on health care decisions we as individuals should be free to make. Push back against being told you are wrong.

About everything from your love of this country to your views on freedom.

The progressives have pushed their America is racist and Americans are racist narrative for too long, essentially saying that anyone who doesn't vote their way is the problem. That's their strategy. Excuses and blame.

And they are still wondering why it doesn't work. Let's take advantage of that and win.

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