The Left And Their Hypocrisy

We find it highly inappropriate a sitting Congressman would take a lock him up and throw away the key position on a high-profile case like the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Rittenhouse is facing charges after he shot and killed two men and shot another during riots in Kenosha, WI last August. He says he was acting in self-defense. Even CNN's Jeffrey Toobin admits Rittenhouse has a 'plausible self-defense case.

Congressman Jeffries doesn't care.

Remember, he's a Congressman. There's a difference between someone who gets to vote on laws making a comment like that versus a pundit.

Most likely, Jeffries is trying to raise money off the Rittenhouse trial.

Just like he tried to raise money on criminal justice reform last year.

Wake up America. We're being played.

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