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CDC Admits 75% Of COVID Deaths Had 4 or More Health Conditions

The public policy health officials and the politicians are updating their language, hoping you won't notice.

CDC Director Rochelle Wollinsky admits something we've been talking about since 2020, most people who die of COVID have four or more pre-existing conditions. Watch.

Why the sudden shift towards honesty?

They are in charge now and there is no way out. COVID is here to stay. So now they are backing off their doom and gloom, fear-based approach because it's easier to attack than act. Their doom and gloom approach is making them look horrible because they can't deliver on their promises to end the pandemic.

For example, while running for President, Joe Biden's account tweeted, 'we're eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control. I do.'

One year Biden's term, 18 months into this pandemic, and Biden's plan isn't working.

That's why they are shifting the language, using terms that were deemed conspiracy theories in 2020. Not just with the admission that the vast majority of fatal COVID cases are chronically unwell, but with the stunning admission last week there is evidence saying COVID shots are impacting some women's menstrual cycles.

Of course, the media and 'science' say that's not a big deal. See.

Months ago that theory was laughed at.

On one hand, at least reality is setting in. Humanity battled a virus in the middle of a pandemic. It's something we've never tried. There are certainly some successes. Just as there is clearly an acknowledgment we, as a species, still have a lot to learn about viruses. There's nothing wrong with that because that, too, is reality.

On the other hand, it's becoming more and more apparent, people like Biden, claiming to have a plan, were only saying things like that to make President Trump look bad. Biden did this because that's politics. Always blame the side in power while you are on the sidelines. The trouble is, when you win, people expect results. Results Biden didn't deliver. There's a lesson there for us too. Politicians will say anything to get elected. It's been like that for years. It's time we learned that lesson. If not, we will repeat the same thing over again, allowing the government to impact our lives and the lives of our children because of an 'emergency' they can't solve.

An honest approach, not an approach designed to win an election, could have resulted in a more realistic policy focused on protecting the most vulnerable. A plan Wollinsky now seems to be embracing.

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