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NYPD Puts 9-Year Old In Back Of Squad Car.

To be clear, there are only a few facts known about this story.

We know a group of protesters showed up at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. The group was protesting the vaccine entry requirement. We know this group tried to gain entry into the museum despite being 'the others' or unvaccinated.

The New York City Police Department showed up and start escorting protesters away from the Museum. One 9-year old girl, who was crying, was taken by two police officers and placed in the back of the NYPD SUV.

It's being reported that the cops arrested the 9-year old. It doesn't appear that's the case. However, is putting a clearly upset child in the back of the car the best option these officers could come up with?

Maybe put her in the front seat and keep the door open while you talk with her.

Maybe keep her with her parents or guardians.

Anything to avoid potentially creating a memory that could impact a 9-year old girl for a very long time, especially since she can't truly consent to protest at that age.

This is a bad look for those that 'protect and serve.' These officers are just doing their jobs. They are under a lot of pressure and scrutinty. We can understand that. They have orders. We can understand that. But, to what detriment? Common sense says the NYPD now looks bad, the entire city looks bad, as we get a glimpse of a potential future where some people are allowed in, others will be kept out.

These are images we have seen in our nation's past, under very different circumstances and very different consequences. Those historic consequences are the lessons we are supposed to learn so as not to repeat them. Looks like we still have a lot to learn.

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