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Hillary Clinton Tried To Steal An Election

The only thing standing in the way of Hillary Clinton from being a part of history was Donald Trump. Win and Clinton would have solidified her place in history as the first female president in United States history. That matters to someone like her. The stakes were high. High for the country. High for her.

And she cheated.

First, with the made-up Russian dossier with several salacious allegations against the person she was running against.

Now, we learn the Clinton campaign essentially hired a team of hackers to 'exploit' 'access to White House data in order to find damning information about Trump.'

The Hill continues:

(Special Counsel John) Durham's office said that the executive, who is referred to in legal filings only as "Tech Executive-1" but has been identified in news reports as Rodney Joffe, used his company's access to nonpublic government domain name system (DNS) data through a pending cybersecurity contract as he was analyzing supposed links between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank.

Congressman Andy Biggs tells Russell & Hunter it may be even worse. Hillary's team would have hacked into the servers to plant 'evidence' linking Trump to Russia. Listen to the Congressman here.

Clinton pushed Trump's ties to Russia officially on Twitter. See.

Notice the name Jake Sullivan. He's currently Biden's National Security Advisor. Back in 2016, he was shilling Clinton lies.

We like to pretend everything in Washington is done for the right reason. That someone wouldn't cheat. But, with the stakes this high for Clinton, she has proven she would have done anything to win that election, even go so far as to tie her opponent to Russia. Just so she could win. Just so she could set history. See, it was never about you. Those of you who thought so were lied to and fooled too.

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