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The Politics of Self-Interest on Ukraine.

Marc Theissen is ripping the Biden Administration's response to Russia's independence declaration in two regions in Ukraine, arguing Biden's response isn't much of a response at all because the former Bush speechwriter understands the politics of self-interest.

Most human beings are programmed to act in their own self-interest. It's a literal survival mechanism that's part of our DNA. But, politicians in powerful positions are elected to act in our self-interest, not their own. Certain politicians are only worried about their next election so they will naturally say and do whatever it takes to win. Just as certain world leaders will use dictatorial powers for their own self-interest above their fellow comrades. One of the many things that make America great is our founding documents say the opposite. The power lies with the people.

Therefore, our collective self-interests as a nation should be considered ahead of a politician's own. But, seldom do. That is what millions of Americans are upset about. Those we send to Washington borrowed $74,000 per American household. Putting America's children and grandchildren and future children further into debt isn't acting in our self-interests. Instead, certain politicians borrowed money on your behalf in hopes you'd vote for them either because they sent you your own money back or because spending money makes it appear Washington is doing something about COVID.

They are doing something alright.

College students who already have an average of $40,000 in debt are being saddled with America's spending problem as well. Debt and interest their tax dollars will have to pay for when the median home price in Phoenix, AZ is closing in on $400,000. Is this how we are supposed to pay it forward for our next generations, by spending all their money for them?

That happens because a good portion of those in Washington is acting in their own self-interests, their next election. No one wants to be a loser. Politicians lose when the country is in pain, especially economic pain. One way to alleviate pain? Money. Your money. It works every time. For them, it's a win-win. They get to stay in Washington and you get a deposit.

This is exactly why Theissen says Biden is afraid to go bold on Russian sanctions. Biden can't afford a large increase in gas prices. 2022 is an election year. The president's approval rating is underwater. Fifty-six percent of Americans say Biden hasn't done one thing they approve of. If gas prices hit $5/gallon his approval rating will drop even further risking Democrats' chances of losing more seats in November. Theissen writes:

Biden failed to respond with the crippling sanctions he had promised. In his address, Biden announced personal sanctions on Russian elites and their family members, as well as some limited sanctions on two Russian banks. But he failed to announce any sanctions targeting Russia’s two most significant exports — oil and natural gas.

Biden is protecting prices. Russia is the third-largest oil exporter on the planet. Making their oil more expensive makes everyone's gas more expensive. It's a bad look for a politician. So, even though this could really impact Russian President Vladimir Putin and perhaps get him to think twice before further invading Ukraine, Biden isn't stepping up.

Speaking of, Putin is clearly acting in his own self-interest too. Sure, he's saying Ukraine is for all Russians. But, does anyone believe him? Putin is determined to restore Russia to her glory days as the U.S.S.R, the United Soviet States of Russia. Fifteen countries, all ruled by one dictator. If Putin succeeds in restoring the U.S.S.R., or parts of it, he's discussed in Russian history along with the likes of former dictators Lenin and Stalin (who are known outside of Russia as mass murderers).

Additionally, as Theissen explains, Germany is acting in its own self-interest as well.

Germany now gets more than half of its natural gas imports from Russia, while the rest of the European Union depends on Russia for about 40 percent. And because Biden knows that oil and gas sanctions could impact energy prices in the United States as well.

Germany doesn't want its natural gas prices to increase either. Increases at the pump lead to losses at the polls. Same self-interest as Biden, which is not your self-interest.

That is why Donald Trump was elected president, that realization many politicians aren't acting on We The People's behalf. The media doesn't understand that We The People have realized the self-evident truth that the elites are protecting the elites by labeling anyone who disagrees as racists, misinformation, terrorists, and insurrectionists while the elites seek more power and more control. They want you out of school board meetings and off social media. They want you out of their way. One way to always be right is by eliminating the opposition. That's what authority does. But, labeling and pushing aside is only creating more resistance and more of an awakening.

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