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Kamala Harris Get COVID. After Four Shots. And Gets Treatment.

Kamala caught COVID. We have questions.

First, the Vice President has had four COVID shots. Two in her original dose. Two boosters. Yet, she still got the virus. The White House says Harris has no symptoms and is working from home. But, the White House also says she received a treatment dose of Pfizer's COVID treatment called Paxlovid.


If she has no symptoms why does she need the $529 treatment? The White House says her doctor recommended it.

Great. Is the doctor saying the four COVID shots don't work then? That's a perfectly reasonable and logical conclusion based on the facts here. Four shots. Still got COVID. No symptoms. Treatment dose. Is this the next step in the pandemic? Moving away from the Pfizer shots at $19.50 per dose to dosing those who catch COVID with the $529 treatment from the same company that makes most of the COVID shots? Or are we not allowed to ask these questions? Have these questions been labeled 'misinformation?'

Are we supposed to believe everyone at Pfizer is only thinking about our health? Are we supposed to believe profit couldn't be a motive? Not even at all. Am I not supposed to believe it's possible politicians make short-term, emotional decisions like overselling the 'vaccine,' even changing the definition of the word, in order to propagandize themselves as the heroes?

As the man who runs the White House says, 'come on, man.'

Millions of Americans have taken their shots. Most lined up in their cars at football stadiums on the promise these $19.50 shots would prevent them from getting and spreading COVID. Now, over a year later you could still get COVID after two boosters. But, don't worry we have a pill for that whether you have symptoms or not. And they don't want us to ask questions about any of it? Even though it's our money that is paying Pfizer and other drug companies. Technically, it's our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren's money that we borrowed with interest. The United States borrowed $12 trillion and didn't stop COVID.

You're just supposed to accept it. Because the politicians, the public policy officials, and the drug companies constantly remind us that they are the experts. And we should just trust them even though they made a lot of risky decisions during the pandemic. The pandemic isn't the virus. The pandemic should be redefined as human decisions that impacted 8 billion people around the world in one way or another.

Decisions that have led to inflation, mental health issues, and an economy that retracted in the first quarter. Every decision has consequences. Some good. Some not. Some indifferent. We can only learn about the consequences if we continue to ask the questions they don't want us to ask.

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