Mask Loving Media Gets COVID At Fancy Dinner With Biden.

For almost two years they lectured us about masks, social distancing, and COVID shots. They warned us about going to Church. They tried to shut down worshiping God saying service was a super spread event. Now, their political worship event became just that. A super spreader event.

From CNN:

In the days since WHCD weekend, reporters and staffers from CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Politico, and other participating news organizations have tested positive for the virus. Most notably, ABC's Jon Karl, who shook hands with President Biden and who sat next to Kim Kardashian, has fallen ill, as Politico's Maxwell Tani first reported.

There is no exact data to indicate precisely how many people have caught the virus from the weekend. But, anecdotally speaking, much of Tuesday afternoon seemed to consist of attendees trading text messages and emails about colleagues and friends and people they had seen who had tested positive. That's almost certainly going to continue in the days ahead...

Maybe now they will say sorry for the dismissive condescension they displayed for the past two years because after all virus gonna virus.

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