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Joe Biden, Once Again, Embarrassing the United States on the World Stage.

After embarrassing himself publicly in a meeting with Mexican president Obrador, Joe Biden follows it up with a trip to the Middle East. And it’s even more embarrassing.

After getting heat from the media about meeting with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia the White House claimed that Joe Biden would not be shaking hands with the crown prince. Sure, that'll show him!

The White House's strategy was to claim Covid was the culprit and the president would only be fist bumping an elbow bumping heads of state and dignitaries on his trip. This stunt was created to appease those that were upset about his meeting with the crown prince. The White House was also betting that this would allow Biden to save face when he doesn’t shake the crown prince his hand.

Moments after Air Force One landed on the tarmac Joe Biden appeared, walked down the steps, and immediately asked his handlers, "What am I doing now?". The president look confused as he looked around for someone to guide him to his photo op or first dignitary fist bump. Embarrassing.

The White House's fist bump/elbow bump plan was quickly thrown out of the window as our inept Commander in Chief couldn’t stick to the plan for more than a minute or two. After a few fist bumps in one elbow bump Joe Biden with shaking hands, hugging, and cheek kissing dignitaries and attendees.

Let’s all be glad he stopped short of sniffing their hair.

This paints the White House into a corner because now they have no excuse or way to save face for the president not shaking the crown prince's hand.

Oh but old Joe was not done there.

In prepared remarks off of Teleprompter Joe Biden flubbed the one line that he was supposed to nail, and it was about the holocaust. Yes, in Israel, about the holocaust.

Joe Biden is going to act like he is not there to beg Saudi Arabia for oil. Make no mistake, that is exactly why he is there. If this embarrassing trend continues Joe Biden is not going to leave Saudi Arabia with oil, he’ll be leaving with more egg on his face.

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