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Time To Press Pause On Boosters

COVID won. The virus beat Big Pharma’s defenses (but definitely didn’t hurt their bottom line).

Maybe it’s time to get back to reality. Scientists put up a valiant effort attempting to create a vaccine less than a year after this deadly virus spread around the world. Despite billions of vaccinations, there are more cases today than there were one year ago and there are more daily COVID deaths today than there were a year ago.

And the shots may be, at least partially, responsible. Which is exactly why, out of an abundance of caution, booster shots need to be paused. 

President Joe Biden has become the latest twice-vaccinated, twice-boosted person to catch COVID. On top of Biden’s shots, the White House has worked overtime to prevent POTUS from catching COVID. That didn’t work either. 

Biden spends most weekends in Delaware, away from people, even going as far as wearing a mask outside on the beach with only his wife around. And he still got the virus. 

Ironically, on July 21, 2021 Biden said, ‘you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.’ 365 days later he’s experiencing ‘very mild symptoms.’ The White House deliberately emphasizing the words ‘very mild’ so Americans don’t worry about Biden at the age of 79.

Clearly, the virus is beating the immunity offered by the vaccines and boosters, which means the shots don’t offer complete protection against the virus, nor do they stop vaccinated people from transmitting it. Which may be the very reason COVID is adapting faster than most viruses. 

Look, it’s possible. And since we are supposed to follow The Science™, investigating whether the shots are doing more harm than good should be examined quickly. Spare no resources until an answer is determined, which means pausing further boosters for now is a must.

Additionally, since there is no FDA clinical data on a fourth or fifth booster shot we are already in experimental territory.

The Atlantic has been one of, if not the most, alarming publications, offering doom and gloom since the very beginning of COVID. In a recent post, the magazine is now wringing its hands about the quickness COVID is changing.

Part of this relentless churn is about the speed of the virus. SARS-CoV-2, repped by the Omicron clan, is now spewing out globe-sweeping subvariants at a blistering clip. In the United States, the fall of BA.2 and BA.2.12.1 have overlapped so tightly with the rise of BA.5 that the peaks of their surges have blended into one. And a new, ominous cousin, BA.2.75, is currently popping in several parts of the world.


Pathogens don’t spread or transform without first inhabiting hosts

…which is why the vaccine’s failure to prevent transmission is important. Whatever the virus learns in a vaccinated immune system it will take with it to the next person the virus infects.

“The main thing is really this unchecked transmission,” says Helen Chu, an epidemiologist and vaccine expert at the University of Washington.

The Atlantic also adds this fact:

Coronaviruses don’t tend to mutate terribly quickly, compared with other RNA viruses. And for the first year or so of the pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 stuck to that stereotype, picking up roughly two mutations a month. 

What’s different about this coronavirus? A COVID shot.

The COVID shot did not prevent transmission, therefore it’s possible the shots taught alpha how to adapt, transforming into the beta variant as the virus survived the shots. Beta then became delta, delta adapted to become omicron, which as The Atlantic points out is adapting every two weeks. It’s also worth noting omicron was first discovered in vaccinated individuals. Thankfully, this variant is less severe than the original strains. 

Facts are still facts. And facts suggest now is the time to pause booster shots until we can better ‘follow The Science™’. Science may discover continued boosters may prolong the pandemic while continuing to make Pfizer and Moderna executives wealthy beyond belief.

This is just a theory, a theory based on important facts. Therefore, it’s worthy of investigation.

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