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They Raided the Wrong President

The FBI conducted a raid on the presidents private residence. The wrong president.

Federal agents raided the private residence of Donald John Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Everything was searched from living quarters to offices, even the Presidents personal safe. The very loud and heavy handed operation yielded 12 boxes of documents. Hey, look at that. 30 agents, 12 boxes. Government efficiency at its finest.

The problem here is that they raided the wrong president's private residence. If this were truly a search for classified documents that were taken by President Trump from the White House to his private residence, this is much ado about nothing. A potential violation of the Presidential Records Act? Really?

So lets just call this what it is political retaliation.

If the intelligence community truly wanted to do good, seek justice and follow the rule of law they would be looking into other president's residences and not Donald Trump‘s.

Let’s start with the first son. It’s mind boggling to millions of Americans that Hunter Biden is still a free man.

The intelligence community wouldn’t even have to raid Hunter Biden‘s home. All of the evidence needed of illegal activity and shady dealings with our foreign enemies is all packaged neatly in a laptop and being released or leaked daily.

And what about the Clinton crime family? Did we forget about the bribes and kickbacks to the Clinton foundation for access to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Maybe the intelligence community is still investigating the Clintons involvement in paying for a fake Russian dossier and lying to a FISA judge. Maybe they forgot about Uranium One. They didn’t raid the Clinton residence when it was discovered Hillary deleted 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by at the FBI. I guess the Bleach Bit really did work.

We have all of the names, including Bill Clinton, that have been submitted as evidence in the Gislaine Maxwell trial. Epstein's black book was a who's who of power. No raids on their homes? If nothing else, there is probable cause that each were dealing in child sex trafficking.

I guess the intelligence community doesn’t want to look into how, Barack Obama, a state senator turned two year senator turned president went from rags to riches only four years out of office and now worth just shy of $100 million. I guess there’s just nothing to see here.

The raid at Mar-a-Lago was simply political theater and an attempt to intimidate a potential future presidential candidate from running for office.

Unfortunately for the intelligence community there payback for Donald Trump is going to backfire if he wasn’t going to run in 2024, he's going to run now.

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