Beer From Toilet & Shower Water?

Scottsdale is serious about sustainability. Scottsdale Water is becoming the first water agency in Arizona to recycle water from toilets, showers, washing machines and elsewhere. The problem is people freak out about this. So, the city will showcase their water recycling efforts at an upcoming festival. They are showcasing the water with beer. Why? Because beer drinkers will try anything.

The festival is called Canal Convergence. The beer festival portion will happen November 8th and 9th at the Scottsdale waterfront and it will feature ten beers made from Scottsdale's recycled water. Desert Monks, Fate, Flying Bassett, Freak'N Brewing & Dubina are teaming up, Mother Bunch, North Mountain, O.H.S.O., Uncle Bear's, Walter Station and Wren House are in. Are you?

Catch Mike Russell & Rob Hunter as The Brewmance Saturday nights at 6 on 550 KFYI or stream KFYI on your iHeartRadio App.


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