Caitlyn Clark Race Narrative, Red Lobster Goes Under, Your Economy Is Suffering

Are both GOP and DEMS ruining America, Iran, & System of Lies

On this episode...

The Iranian President is dead. What does that mean for you?

Are Republicans and Democrats both ruining America?

How much more open minded are you after the pandemic? Mike Russell and Rob Hunter discusses in a system that lacks trust anything is possible.

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Seinfeld Protested, Hillary Slams College Protesters, Follow The Money

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter as The Brewmance get into more college protesters.

First, because they boycotted comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Second, Hillary Clinton said these college kids don't know anything about the Middle East.

Oh oh.

Plus, people take to TikTok to tell you how unfair mother's day is. You'll love this.

We also discuss Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's comment that Facebook should pay journalists.

And how the unlimited flow of information means you are on your own.

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Rob Now Likes Country Music, Dumb Student Protests, & Mike Debates Communists

A special Tuesday edition of Russell & Hunter's The Brewmance...

After 17 years Mike has finally influenced Rob to embrace country music. Meanwhile, Mike goes to an arts fest and chats up communists in Arizona.

We also cover dumb student protests that continue across college campuses, Bill Maher's Phoenix tour stop, and comments from you.

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Push Yourself Out Of Comfort Zone & Anti-Americanism Growing

Rob hosts solo today fresh off his weekend at the Stagecoach music festival.

Country music is not Rob's favorite. But, he pushed himself out of his comfort zone. And loved it.

This is how we have to start approaching our political discussions. Because we have big problems we are facing, but not talking about.

This silence is done on purpose.

Also, the number of Gen Z'ers who don't think being American is important is growing. How will this change American politics?

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Brink of WW3, GOP trashes 4th A, & Lessons from The Masters

Mike Russell hosting solo today as Rob Hunter is stuck in travel delays.

Covering the latest on Iran attacking Israel and the White House's tepid response.

The GOP doesn't like the 4th Amendment and wants the government to be able to spy on you without a warrant. So much for protecting the Constitution.

And lessons from The Masters golf tournament.

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Arizona Abortion Ruling, Diddy Updates, Cali's Hate Crime Hotline

The Arizona Supreme Court rules an abortion ban first passed in 1864 is the law in Arizona.

Now it falls on lawmakers in the AZ legislature to repeal it. Mike Russell & Rob Hunter walk you through this decision and how it proves politics isn't about solutions.

Updates on the human trafficking allegations about Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy. Here's how the entire scheme could possibly work.

Also, California lawmakers pass a new law that allows anyone to call a hotline to report a hate crime. Cali is encouraging snitching.

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Boring Solar Eclipse, Political Orthodoxy, & Diddy names names

The craziest solar eclipse ever was a dud. At least according to us.

Welcome to The Brewmance with Mike Russell and Rob Hunter. Away from the constraints of media, we feel you deserve better media with better conversation.

While we were disappointed in the eclipse, we dive deep into the politics of today. Two parties. Each with an orthodoxy. And it's hard to break away.

We also discuss why the South Carolina women's basketball coach was asked about trans issues and why Diddy may be naming names.

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Caitlin Clark to NBA, Kamala's Botched Interview, & Inflation Hurts

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter present the Friday Nooner.

As the Brewmance, we discuss a comment saying Caitlin Clark could play in the NBA. Is this what we have to do to get attention now?

Speaking of women's basketball, Vice President Kamala Harris continues to fail. Wait until you hear what she said.

We also discuss inflation and the price of gas. Plus, Rob went to a skating rink. Cheers to a great weekend.

Congressman David Schweikert On Spending, Debt, & Solutions

'The solutions being offered are frauds,' says Congressman David Schweikert. Because the solutions are made for TV, designed to get you outraged.

For example, stop funding Ukraine. Ukraine spending amounts to 5 days of borrowing. Schweikert's point: think bigger.

The congressman points out the US has borrowed $3 trillion alone in the past 365 days. And inflation is up 23.7% in Phoenix, Arizona in the past three years.

Real solutions lie in the details. Using technology to decrease the size and scope of the government. And getting Americans healthier.

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