Still No Trump Arrest, Feds Raise Interest Rate, & Rand Paul Takes On Moderna

Save All Banks, Trump NOT Arrested, & LA Teacher Strike

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the government may end up backing up ALL depositors after saying no last week. Los Angeles teachers go on strike, leaving kids without classes. Trump still not arrested. Why not? We did in. Join us.

Trump Arrested Tomorrow?, The Great Condescending Fauci, Dems Complain About School Vouchers

President Donald Trump predicts his arrest tomorrow. We break down the charges and the motivations behind them. Back in 2021, Dr. Fauci went to poor neighborhoods to try and get them to get 'vaccines.' We also break down how Orwellian Fauci is constantly pushing his narrative. Biden's first veto, reduced train safety, and the only education spending liberals don't like.

Congressman David Schweikert on the Bank Failures

Congressman David Schweikert discusses how deep the banking issues really go. And the viscous cycle of government funded money laundering where some companies get all the benefits because they donate to political campaigns. Join us.

Banks Bailout Banks, AZ Teachers Hate Hotline, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko

Big banks are coming to the rescue of San Fran based First Republic. How did the SF Fed miss these bad banks? A few Arizona teachers march after the state establishes a parent hotline. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko joins us to talk banks, COVID origins, and trust. Your organized pantry is racist. And Hobbs tries to stop executions.

Another Bank In Trouble, Russia V. US, & No Control Over US Border

Credit Suisse is needing a bailout as the banking risks hit Europe. This as more US regional banks see their share prices drop. How far will this go? The US will continue to fly drones over the Black Sea after Russia knocked one down. The drug cartels have operational control over the border. And one Cali lawmakers wants a 4-day work week. Join us.

Biden Comes After Guns, Economic Break Down, & A Russian Jet Smashes A US Drone

President Biden gives a gun control speech. It's all theater. As usual. Is the economy going to break down? One billionaire investor thinks so. A Russian fighter jet smashed into a US drone sending it plunging into the sea. Biden tells a tall tale about same sex marriage. And should a women's college admit trans women?

Biden Worked At 9AM, Bank Failure, Migration

President Biden thinks bank failures are important enough to show up in the morning. Jen Psaki says Biden does nothing at 9AM. Ok. 1,000 migrants storm the gates in El Paso. Biden approved drilling in Alaska. Swalwell wants to ban troops from watching Fox News.

Russell & Hunter 3.10.23

A good jobs report? Not so fast, the I.R.S. cometh!

Russell & Hunter 3.9.23

A dramatic on the ground account, of the Afghanistan withdrawal suicide bombing.