A Home Brew Named Peayoch

Here’s the story…of a beer named Peayoch, a home brew created by Zach Heilman, Corbin Garcia and Nick Williams. They created this peach sour in Zach’s garage.

And it’s delicious. 

Normally, The Brewmance doesn’t dig on sours, but life is all about growth and trying new things like different beers. The results pay off on this one…

Mike says Peayoch is fantastic because it doesn't taste like a garage beer. Rob thinks it’s a perfect brunch beer.

If you’ve ever home brewed, wanted to home brew or are interested in home brewing, this is the episode for you.

This podcast is also more proof of how beer brings people together as Zach and Corbin (Nick wasn’t able to make it) walk Mike and Rob through the process of home brewing including the underappreciated aspects of brewing like clean-up and math.

Zach is a what The Brewmance would call a beer lover. He’s brewed 25 different home brews. He’s the GM of a restaurant with over 100 beers on tap. Zach is so into beer he’s a certified beer judge. He tells us he’s very critical of his own brews.

There’s tons of information and a great conversation about beer here. Zach even tells us why Peayoch looks and tastes different in his keg at home than in the bottled version of the sour Corbin brings in. 

Join us.

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P.S. Corbin and Rob were part of the Sound Surfers podcast with Malcolm and James. They reviewed music and assigned each other music homework. Sound Surfers is available for you here.

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