Epstein Didn't Kill Himself Beer

There's a brewery in Northern Michigan where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron called Rusted Spoke Brewing Co. Rusted Spoke is out with a new beer, a New England IPA that checks in at 5.2% ABV. It also checks in with a catchy name.

'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' is apparently selling well. In fact, Operations Manager Alissa Doe-Klinger posted an update on Facebook saying 'time to brew more beer.' Doe-Klinger told the Detroit Free Press, '"We had people that once I posted it on Facebook got in their car and actually drove here for it, so I thought that was fun. It has increased the sales, of course. It doesn't matter who you are, people think it's funny."

The well-connected Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his NYC jail cell from an apparent suicide back in August. The medical examiner said the sex offender killed himself. But, not everyone was convinced. Epstein's brother wasn't. He hired Dr. Michael Baden to conduct a follow up. Dr. Baden concluded there was enough evidence to believe Epstein's death was a homicide.

Hence the rebirth of the Epstein conspiracy theories and the new beer from Rusted Spoke Brewing.

Last week, Tactical Ops Brewing out of Clovis, California printed that phrase on the bottom of some of their beer cans.

Craft brewers definitely have a sense of humor. We here at The Brewmance think this is a great conversation to have over a beer. We weighed in on Epstein and other conspiracy theories on this episode. You can also follow along with The Brewmance Podcast on the iHeartRadio App by clicking below.

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