Impeachment Is Messy. That's Why The Founders Drank Beer.

We’ll get to the beer in a moment. But first, a quick refresher. For those that paid attention in civics class, you’ll know that the United States is a representative republic and not a democracy. In a democracy, every citizen would have a vote on every piece of legislation and every law that is proposed. A representative republic was set up so that groups of the citizenry can elect a representative to go to the nation’s capital and vote as their collective voice.

So when the framers conceived impeachment, they envisioned impeachment being the will of the people that were represented by a smaller group of people in the nation’s capital.

If the framers wanted impeachment to be a legal issue that would be presented in a courtroom trial setting they would’ve left the power of impeachment with the Judiciary Branch not the Legislative Branch.

But let’s look at why they did that. History tells us of great battles and debates while hammering out the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Political disagreements and heated debates were more than common at that time.

But what else was common at that time? Beer!!

Beer, wine, and alcohol to be more accurate. Fermented drinks were the bottled water and Gatorade of the time. Decontaminating water was obviously not as advanced as it is today so fermented drinks were safer to drink for daily hydration.

So what kind of beer were they drinking? High ABV beer. Strong beer. Night night beer!

While debating and hammering out details of our nation‘s founding documents, a 10 to 11% ABV drink was keeping things calmer and more rational than without.

Think about it, have you ever had a disagreement with a friend that you hammered out over a beer? Notice by the end of the first beer things became a lot less tense?

So as we are living through historic times in 2020 just know that the framers, who seem to be mentioned on a daily basis, could not have foreseen a political divide that we have today. I’m sure they are looking down upon us, shaking their heads and screaming, “JUST POUR A BEER…worked for us!”

This type of debate or discussion is The Brewmance model. We know that any of life‘s issues, political or not, can be solved over a beer. Just how our Founding Fathers wanted it.

So take this time to debate like the Brewmance, to debate like our founding fathers. Go old school by adding one simple ingredient…beer!

Here’s to a more civilized style of debate. Cheers.

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