The USS Doris Miller, America's Newest Commissioned Aircraft Carrier.

During the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, Doris Miller manned a machine gun and shot at Japanese attackers. It was a gun he hadn't trained on, nor had permission to operate. He did it anyways. In doing so, he saved a lot of lives.

For his heroism, Miller was awarded the Navy Cross. At the time, he become the first Black sailor to receive the honor.

Unfortunately, two years later on November 24, 1943, Miller was killed in action during WWII when the carrier he was on sunk afterbeing hit by a Japanese torpedo.

Now, almost 77 years later, the US Navy will name an aircraft carrier after him. The USS Doris Miller will be launched in 2028, commissioned in 2030.

The carrier will be the first named after both an enlisted Sailor and the first Black American.

We here at The Brewmance salute Messman Third Class Doris Miller. So, when we all grab our next drink, tip a little back to honor this American hero.


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