The Bulls and Bears Show hosted by Aaron and Nigel pulls back the curtain on how the financial markets really work. Trading for income or investing for your wealth are key topics. Learn the skills to trade with the big institutions during up and down markets. Discover strategies about Futures trading, Forex trading, Options trading, and Stock trading. See what it takes to change your life utilizing the Financial Markets.

We're proud to serve our community by offering you the best in financial education at our state-of-the-art center. Since 1997, Online Trading Academy has been committed to teaching the skills you need to make smarter investment decisions by using our Patented Supply and Demand Strategy.

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“If you are committed to a lifetime of education, you will recognize that this course builds the right foundation for doing it. We're all becoming more programmed to expect quick results, but this is the first quarter mile of a marathon.”

Aaron Petersen, February 2020

“I came into OTA and their Core Strategy with zero knowledge on anything trading related. The idea of sitting in a class all week was extremely intimidating, and I felt like I would not be capable of learning these skills. I had heard great things about OTA before, but after completing Core Strategy, all of my expectations have been blown out of the water. The learning environment was so welcoming that it made learning easy. The amount of resources available to students is outstanding. Help does not end outside of the classroom. There are online videos for further understanding, peer groups, student support; the list goes on and on. I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined OTA.”

Brittney Kelly-Stowe, December 2019