The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus is an irreverant look at the important issues of the day hosted by your Ringmaster, James T. Harris and his Producer, Aaron. The show is topical, fast paced, fun and unabashedly conservative.


Lost. Addicted. Homeless.

The West Coast’s big cities are awash in a sea of hopeless people. This is not an accident. These Democrat run cities are engaging in policies that are magnets to the homeless, they are drawn to the “services” and “freedom” that these polices pretend to provide but these cities are killing the very people they’re supposed to be helping. 

The scourge of Homelessness is now sweeping across our country. Every city is experiencing it but no one has a handle on it. There are no earthly solutions.

On Sunday, the day our Lord made for rest, I was restless. So I headed out on my Harley to go see for myself what is here and what we could expect to see coming our way. While most believers headed to a church, a chapel, a synagogue or a temple, I headed to homeless camp in downtown Phoenix.

What I saw was unnerving. I saw men and women of every ethnicity. A kaleidoscope of diversity but they all had one thing in common. Addiction. It was like riding through a scene of The Walking Dead. People talking to themselves, blank stares, half naked… Despair.

I rode to the outskirts of the camp to gather myself when it happened. A heavily tattooed biker rode up to me and said, “Are you James T. Harris?” I paused in disbelief.

Yes I am.

The man said, “I’ve been sent to get you, please come with me.” Fight or flight entered my head but I dismissed the thoughts and simply said, “okay.”

What happened next stunned me. We rode back into the camps. Street after street. Tents on top of each other filled with addicted hopeless people but I stayed close to my escort. When we arrived at our destination two big bikers opened a chain link fence to let us in.

Once inside, I saw a row of bikes parked against the wall and met the man who had summoned me. TC, a friend that I met over a year ago, who told me of a ministry where bikers served and shared Christ with the addicted.

At first, they provided security for the volunteers who provided food and clothing for the addicted. On occasion the addicted would show flashes of violence and these big men were there to protect the innocent. Later they became part of the ministry, seeing that many of them were saved from a life of crime, prison, and addiction. The stories, testimonies that they shared stunned me into silence.

Here is where I am at. After encountering these incredible men and women it is obvious to me that we can’t rely on the government to defend us because it cannot fix what it broke. Dem policies have :

·     broken souls

·     broken the family

·     broke our schoolhouse

·     broke the inner city

How did it do that? How did it all cascade? How did those institutions that once made this country great fall like dominoes? Government removed God. It removed God and asked the public to replace Him with them.

Too many have said yes.

I have come to the conclusion that only God and His servants can fix what the government and the evil policies have broken.

The mental health crisis that is creating so many of the tent cities cropping up across the country is a failure of the very democrats who are leading these cities in decay. There is no doubt about it. And there is no doubt that those same leaders cannot provide the cure because the cure is not of this world.

In the middle of that island of despair I found Jesus people. I saw success stories of people who crawled out of the pit then returned to help their fellow man, in the name of Christ.

When I shared this story on my radio show, many people reached out and asked how could they help.

The name of the organization is The website has a paypal link on it for financial donations. Also clothing donations can be dropped off at Desert Wind Harley-Davidson.

I want to thank TC and the crew for opening my eyes. For reconnecting me to humanity. Having said that, I will continue to call out and battle liberalism and the polices that are fueling this destruction. I will also serve and support my brothers and sisters in Christ who are in the belly of the beast, serving.

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