The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris is live on 550 KFYI

The Left Has New Scare Tactics For Your Health. Colorado Shooting Already Politicized. The FTX Collapse Can Never Happen Again.

The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Real

The media did not want to believe the the Hunter Biden laptop story was real. Now they finally admit that the biggest scandal going is in fact a reality.

The Media Admits That The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Real. The Grift Is Real For Rev. Al. Protests At The World Cup Growing In Numbers.

The media has finally come around to admitting after two years that the Hunter Biden laptop story is indeed real. Rev. Al Sharpton and many around him are good at the grift of guilt. Protests around the World Cup are growing in numbers on many fronts.

Sam Stone discusses his run-off election for Phoenix City Council and the impact it will have.

A run-off election is happening for Phoenix City Council. The city needs to know what is at stake.

AZ Is Ground Zero For Controversy

Arizona has been ground zero for controversy and the people running the state do nothing about it to change that narrative.

FTX Scandal Hits Arizona. Many Believe The World Has Moved On From Trump. People Are Turning Off Their Heat To Save Money.

The FTX scandal has ties in Arizona and both sides took money! Trump is running for President again but many would have you believe that the world has moved on from him. People are in need to save money. They are even turning off their heat to do it!

Attorney Tim LaSota discusses the election failures of 2022 and the messaging from the AZ AG office for the mess.

Election integrity in Arizona for 2022 is still under the microscope and the excuses are flooding in and nobody is buying it.

Comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla discusses his experience on The Masked Singer and how difficult at times it is to be a comedian in today's society.

Society has changed how comedians can operate and Adam Carolla discusses the struggles within in.

The Obamas Are Still All About Race

Michelle and Barack Obama like to have the spotlight to press on about how race is a major aspect in their lives which means it should be in yours as well.

The FTX Scandal Hub Was In Phoenix! More Ballot Discrepancy Stories Flooding In. The New GOP House Is Going After Hunter Biden.

The FTX scandal had a wide net if influence and a central hub of it came from Phoenix! More ballot discrepancies keep flooding in as the country continues to ask questions about the 2022 election. The new GOP House says goodbye to Nancy Pelosi and hello once again to the Hunter Biden scandal.