The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus is an irreverant look at the important issues of the day hosted by your Ringmaster, James T. Harris and his Producer, Aaron. The show is topical, fast paced, fun and unabashedly conservative.

Democrats Demoralized & Gretchen Whitmer on Deck?

Kari Lake talks RNC Convention and illegals voting in elections

Kari Lake weighs in on the SAVE Act.

Chandler City Councilman Mark Stewart talks Maricopa County Supervisor's Race

Mark Stewart is running for Maricopa County Supervisor.

Senator Ron Johnson discusses Biden's open border policy

Sen. Ron Johnson is calling out the Biden administration for its inhumane border policy.

Congressman Andy Biggs talks Joe Biden and Democrat dysfunction

Rep. Andy Biggs weighs in on the dysfunction in the Democrat party.

Democrat Party Circles The Wagons & NATO Leaders Fear Biden Can't Do the Job

The Democrat Party has circled the wagons! Behind the scenes, NATO leaders fear Biden can't do the job. Did CNN ensure Trump's re-election? Andy Biggs, Ron Johnson and Mark Stewart join the show.

Late Night Hosts Turn on Biden & Karine Jean-Pierre Clashes with Reporters

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart turn on Joe Biden. KJP fights back against reporters. More post-debate gaslighting from the left. Visitor logs show Parkinson's Disease doctor repeatedly visited The White House.

Joe Biden Doubles Down on Staying in the Race & Radio Host Fired for Asking Biden Questions Sent by The White House

Joe Biden tells Democrats he's staying in the race. Black radio host admits to interviewing Biden with questions pre-approved by The White House. The left is coming undone. Gina Swoboda and CQ join the show.

Constantin Querard talks local elections

Primary election season is underway.

AZ GOP Chair Gina Swoboda weighs in on ballot drop

This election cycle is all about the ballots!