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The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

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Katie Hobbs Dark Money?!?

Are dark money groups secretly funding Democratic governor Katie Hobbs inauguration? That’s a question I, and others including popular blogger Brian Anderson are asking today.

Anderson says, public records filed last month suggest Hobbs just might have dark money funding her shindig.

According Anderson, who runs StopKatieHobbs Hobbs took office on Monday but will attend the public inauguration ceremony later today. Although her inaugural committee comprised of lobbyists and campaign donors have been planning the event since November, the Democrat quietly acknowledged over the weekend that she will not disclose who is funding the event.

I suppose we could be happy that we are not funding the event, but aren’t Democrats supposed to be against dark money? They are, but remember – if it were not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all.

So, it probably shouldn’t surprise us, that five days before Hobbs declared victory in the gubernatorial race, her campaign manager quietly filed articles of incorporation for a 501-C4 called “An Arizona For Everyone.” How nice. That’s the theme of the inauguration according to the documents obtained by Anderson. Then, two days before Hobbs declared victory, her campaign manager filed articles of incorporation for another 501-C4 called “Katie Hobbs Inaugural Fund.”

The progressive press, is also outraged by the secrecy, I suspect, that they aren’t so annoyed about the dark money, as they are about the fact that Katie didn’t include them in her little secret.

From the teachers union to the private prison operators, ALL the operators in and for crony capitalism are sponsoring the event. Sponsors include the Arizona Education Association, Intel, Motorola, Amazon, Anheusesr-Busch, and Paypal.

It’s a club and we are not in it.

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