The GO Show With Mike Russell

The GO Show With Mike Russell

The GO Show With Mike Russell

The Go Show-8.27.23

The Go Show-Outdoors & Hunting-8.20.27

The Go Show-Outdoors & Hunting

The Blind Big Game Hunter - No Excuse Hunting

Dan from No Excuse Hunting is truly one of the coolest sportsmen we have in AZ. He is blind and has taken more big game than most. He spends most of his time giving back by teaching others with disabilities to enjoy our outdoor world. Here is his amazing story and a couple of cool events to get involved with.

Livin in a Van for 3 Years - Our 1st Installment of "Truck Talk"

Lessons learned from living in a van full time for 3 years. Truck Talk. Shady Bison stories of attack. Worst poaching cases of the year.

Its a Game Meat Tragedy! The Power Ran Out.

Our man Slavo lost power to his freezer and lost 200lbs of game meat! Taking care of your outdoor equipment. Traveling with guns. Rob discovers his outdoor passion!

Snakes Snakes Snakes! Why So Much Social Outrage

Snakes are loving the heat. What is rattlesnake micro-evolution? Social Media mob attempts to take out an NFL star for his bear hunt.

New Bow and The Story of the Sub

Getting a new bow is exciting...and expensive. Ha! The sub that imploded. Where is your level of risk tolerance in the outdoors?

Got Drawn! Now what about that guide?

Getting drawn for elk is an amazing experience. What happens when your hunting partner forgets to book the guide? Well you better learn Colorado quickly!

June 4th - Time to GO Racing!

Hey look, race tracks are outdoors. This counts! Danny Bullock from Radford racing talks technique, mindset, and going racin!

May 14th - Discovering Your Outdoor Passion - Slavo!

A combo Brewmance and GO Show. We sit down and dig into the mind of man that has turned his life around with the power of the outdoors. Our man SLAVO!